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New Technology at ADC Custom Products, LLC

ADC Custom Products, LLC, networking and partnerships with the International Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) helps move us forward in advanced technology as we develop our new products launching in 2017.  We realize the future is changing quickly and to keep up with the pace of these changes, ADC Custom Products, LLC is designing and manufacturing new products we will be proud to share with you.  It’s an exciting time at ADC Custom Products and we look forward to working with you!


What Makes America Great?

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What does make America great?  At ADC Custom Products, LLC, we believe it’s the hard work, dedication, creativity, and belief in quality work product which our employees deliver every day. Every business has its good times and bad but when we experience the bad times, our employees stand by our company and support it no matter how big the pot hole is in the road.  Our employees work hard, as a Team, to ensure we will always be walking down the road to success for without them, we cannot exist.  For without the human effort of our employees...

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At ADC Electrical Wire Division…we have you wired!

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We are very proud to introduce our ADC Custom Products Electronic Wire Division, an outstanding Team of experienced employees who are dedicated to provide our customers with quality custom panels, wire control panels, equipment dash panels, wire harnesses, and all of your electrical requirements. Our Electronic Wire Team is housed in a climate controlled working environment  assuring a very clean environment to build and assemble control panels, equipment dash panels, wire harnesses, and any other electrical products. Our state-of-the-art...

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Our ADC Custom Products Electronic Wire Team is dedicated to provide our customers with quality custom panels and harnesses.  In our ongoing endeavors to expand upon our processes, we have added a Stapla Raptor II Ultrasonic Welding System.  This machine is capable of welding wire splices ensuring a very strong and quality splice every time.   We have also added a Wire Crimp Pull Tester to assure strong connection in all of our wire terminal installations. Our Electronic Wire Team is now in their new lab assuring a very clean environment to...

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Freedom isn’t free and today, as we do everyday, we celebrate and honor the men and women who have served our country. Veterans Day marks a celebration of our veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice. To those who have served our country and to those we have loved and lost, we salute you.  ...

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ADC Custom Products recently moved to a new location located at 7102 Zinser Street in Weston, Wisconsin, residing in the Weston Business Park. This new location allows for our continued growth along with easy access to and from the highway. Our new facility provides an improved environment for our employees.  We have installed high tech air-cleaners to keep the factory air clean; purchased efficient and sustaining equipment to serve our customers better; and we will soon have the ability to offer Powder Coat painting on all products. Our...

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ROPS Cab Production Flow, From Order to Shipment, Meets Customer Schedules

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Many manufacturing companies require their customers to purchase a significant numbers of cabs for their OEM machines. Several of these producers will tell their customers they need to purchase a minimum of 5 to 10 cabs at one time, or a truck load, to get the best price. If the OEM is a traditional low volume producer, they would have inventory stacked up in their facility for days, weeks, months! We at ADC Custom Products, run a high-mix, low-volume production facility. We focus on the customer’s needs and requirements while providing the...

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On behalf of ADC Custom Products, Joseph C. Yelle is pleased to announce and introduce his new business partner, Steve Deringer, as the Senior Vice President of ADC Custom Products. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and value added service to ADC Custom Products. With over 30 years of global experience in a strong, broad spectrum of metal fabrication, Steve will enhance manufacturing capabilities, quality measures and business development. Steve is an Engineer in Manufacturing Systems, degreed at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)....

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Introducing Safe & Storm Rooms by ADC

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  We are very happy and pleased to introduce Safe and Storm Rooms by ADC!  We have a professionally engineered modular bolt together Safe Room that meets or exceeds all requirements of FEMA and the ICC-500. We are a family owned and run business with an outstanding history of manufacturing products to keep people safe in very harsh working environments all over the World. We have taken our 25 years of design engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to bring to market a very cost effective and safe place for your family in the event...

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ADC Custom Products is your Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) Supplier!

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ADC Custom Products is your Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) Supplier!

When choosing a ROPS Cab supplier be sure to choose one that will bring a wide variety of industry experience to add value to your project! We have been fortunate over the years to have designed, tested, and manufactured Certified Operator Enclosures for machines working in many different industries. With the vast scope of experience in our design team you can be assured your project will be getting value from a depth of design experience other companies may not have. As an example, in the Mining Industry a focus of a new cab design was to...

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ROPS Cab Testing

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ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) testing at ADC Custom Products entails mounting a ROPS cab specimen to a representative machine chassis specimen, and fixing the entire assembly to a rigid test bed, then loading from the side (lateral load), from the top (vertical load),and from the front or rear (longitudinal load). The Lateral test requires energy absorption and maximum load support as a function of machine mass, without violating the operator space; the Vertical test requires the cab to support approximately 20 times the machine...

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