ROPS Cab Global Compliance Partner

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Most occupational health agencies around the world require some level of safety testing for operator protective structures mounted to powered off-road equipment. ADC Custom Products offers testing services as part of our cab design offerings, to global industry standards such as :

ROPS: Rollover Protective Structure

FOPS: Falling Object Protective Structure

TOPS: Tip Over Protective Structure

OPS: Operator Protective Structures (relating to window/openings and window/opening guards)

  • ISO 8082-1 ROPS (non-swing machines, forestry)
  • ISO 8082-2 ROPS (swing-type machines, forestry)
  • ISO 3471 ROPS, (machines, non-swing-type, earth-moving or construction, )
  • ISO 12117 TOPS (compact excavators under 6 tonnes)
  • ISO 12117-2 ROPS (construction excavators over 6 tonnes)
  • ISO 8083 FOPS
  • ISO 8084 OPS
  • ISO 6683 Seat Belt Anchorage

Results of testing to these published global industry standards can generally be used to certify compliance to:

  • US Federal OSHA laws
  • Oregon OSHA (US) 437-007-077
  • WCB standards (British Columbia)
  • AS- series standards (Australia)
  • EU requirements